Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Italian Floral Jewels

Thou Diamonds and Pearls make an elegant part of your closet, but you can never say ‘No’ to Italian dough crafted Art that has been gaining wide-responses from all over the world!
These bits of design are carefully rolled and shaped in roses and other floral silhouettes for a touch of nature and elegance. Here in Riyadh, we have launched our new line titled ‘Italian Floral Jewels’ that display a huge variety of Rings, Studs, Hoops, Bangles and so much more. As always, we want every one of you to dip their fingers in with a relatively low price tag, so that you wouldn’t even bother to look elsewhere during your next spree.
Every one of our chunk is cautiously and carefully molded to get an exquisite design at the end. Every piece in the line also features embellishments like rhinestones and beads adhered to the blooms. At the end to conceal perfection, a top glitter coat is added to make the look ever-lasting and stylized.

Price list is as follows:
Italian Dough Tops – 10 SR
Italian Dough Earrings – 15 SR
Italian Dough Rings – 10 SR
Italian Dough Bangles – 20 SR
Scarf Pin – 10 SR

Follow the link to order:

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