Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Goodies and Favors for the lot !

Parties and their preparations are the tedious and most confusing jobs that one can face. The theme, the venue and much more has to be decided. We are here to sort a minor problem out of the major course. The Whatnots Shop provides its customers the newest range of goodies and favors. Give us the number of guests, the theme and flood us with your creative ideas, and we will blend them with our touch and provide you with a batch of goodies or party favors that you want. We already have done a couple of orders so you can check the previous designs or you can tell us some of your own. We will be happy to give to the perfect stuff for the main event whether it be birthday’s, launches, invites, weddings or most probably anything.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Customized Crafts

The Whatnots Shop has been spreading the lines by introducing their signature collection at the first and then launching more lines with time. Recent steps are packed with paper crafts and personalized cards. These are not just simple card-stocks embellished with wishing sentences and satin ribbons but what we define them as is absolute precision. The handmade detailed designing is what makes us different and unique. As promised, we always look out for your feedback and personal choice, therefore an array of designs are presented to the customer and the chosen one is crafted, of course with a hint of our touch added. These personalize cards can be invitations to a special event or a single card given to your adored ones. If you want to look at the designs then click on the link below for the customized orders.

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Crochet Babies

Think of these adorable babies wrapped in crochet blankets and their tiny feet wearing the oh-so-cute crochet booties. We have The Whatnots Shop fuzzy line joining the family for the littlies. The age limit ranges from newborns to toddlers. The variety is endless, you can order for the summers and the winters alike! Any article, any shape and any size and it is there at your doorstep! Our page is filled with customized orders and ideas for the babies. Make sure that you check the link out and like your way through to our official page and the snaps of what we have created.

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em this winter with The Whatnots Shop’s ‘Crochet Cases’. Available in an array of color and styles for every phone available, these gorgeous treats are adorable and chic. Every case in this - See more at:

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crochet Cases

Smart phones, broad screens that is the techno trend we have but everything gives way to Crochet!
Wrap them this winter with The Whatnots Shop’s ‘Crochet Cases’. Available in an array of color and styles for every phone available, these gorgeous treats are adorable and chic. Every case in this launch is comprised of two or more colors that have fine crochet knots and are layered with beads and charms. For some crochet flowers are also added over the top to add more yarn as you can never get enough of it!
These Crochet cases are not stopping only as your mobile phone pouches but by using the customization options you can get your spectacles, books, remotes and who knows even books in them. The best thing about our flourishing brand is that we are very choosey for what we design. For our customers we believe in quality and functionality and with every dawn we are trying to mark our levels at the top.

Price list is as follows:
Cell Phone Case with Zipper – 35 SR
Cell Phone Case – 20 SR
Cell Phone Pouch – 35 SR

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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Color Studio Professional - Nail Polishes

This year ‘The Whatnots Shop’ gives you to plunge right between the hues. Yes! We are bringing the most waited ‘Color Studio Professional’ polishes. This whole flock includes Neon’s, Metallic, Pastels and every shade that you have ever dreamt of!
On our official Facebook Page we have listed all the shades with names and pictures in the album so that you can choose and order. It is really that simple!
Other than that we have Color Studio’s new lines Haute, Neon and crackle in the images section. Color Studio has been remarkable in mixing the colors and labeling the price tags that is why we have this wide range for you with cheap tags as ever so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Price list is as follows:
Color Studio Professional – 20 SR
Color Studio Neon Collection – 25 SR
Color Studio Crackle Nail Color – 30 SR

Friday, September 28, 2012

Crochet Jewelry

‘The Whatnots Shop’ started their efficacious journey with crochet that now is considered their signature product. With just a mere yarn the brand produced forms of art that are now loved by the Kingdom. Doilies, Coasters, Clothing and now they experimented with Jewelry and made something that echoed style and elegance. This newly launched product comes in a variety of color and designs.
The brand has given out earrings and rings in this collection, where hooped earrings and patterned earring designs are the most adorable and notable of them all. Twisting with crochet yarn, hint of beads are also added to the center or the sides of the earrings to make them more presentable.
Rings are a part of the sets therefore they are made identical to the earrings to match.

Price list is as follows:
Crochet Earrings – 15 SR
Crochet Earrings and Ring – 25 SR

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Expressive Magnets

It is turning out to be a custom that every year we are loading each other’s gift list with decorative items, candles, chocolates and flowers. As boring and repeating it looks, trust me it really is!
My personal opinion is that gifts should define the relation that you have with that person. It should try at its best try to reflect the bond that you have with that person. We here, after checking all our options are giving you our new face ‘Expressive Magnets’. The name says it all, but there is so much more to this particular product.
First of all, if this is chosen to be a gift then you are the one designing it. We have given our customers the permission to go wild and share their ideas through these twinkles. You can send in your backgrounds, layouts and fonts and then the rest is up to us. By the end of the time given you can have a glass-cased magnet that can have the most thrilling memories and messages of all times.
These wonders can also be customized as event favors for parties, showers and weddings. So send your designs in and order up!

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