Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Expressive Magnets

It is turning out to be a custom that every year we are loading each other’s gift list with decorative items, candles, chocolates and flowers. As boring and repeating it looks, trust me it really is!
My personal opinion is that gifts should define the relation that you have with that person. It should try at its best try to reflect the bond that you have with that person. We here, after checking all our options are giving you our new face ‘Expressive Magnets’. The name says it all, but there is so much more to this particular product.
First of all, if this is chosen to be a gift then you are the one designing it. We have given our customers the permission to go wild and share their ideas through these twinkles. You can send in your backgrounds, layouts and fonts and then the rest is up to us. By the end of the time given you can have a glass-cased magnet that can have the most thrilling memories and messages of all times.
These wonders can also be customized as event favors for parties, showers and weddings. So send your designs in and order up!

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