Friday, September 28, 2012

Crochet Jewelry

‘The Whatnots Shop’ started their efficacious journey with crochet that now is considered their signature product. With just a mere yarn the brand produced forms of art that are now loved by the Kingdom. Doilies, Coasters, Clothing and now they experimented with Jewelry and made something that echoed style and elegance. This newly launched product comes in a variety of color and designs.
The brand has given out earrings and rings in this collection, where hooped earrings and patterned earring designs are the most adorable and notable of them all. Twisting with crochet yarn, hint of beads are also added to the center or the sides of the earrings to make them more presentable.
Rings are a part of the sets therefore they are made identical to the earrings to match.

Price list is as follows:
Crochet Earrings – 15 SR
Crochet Earrings and Ring – 25 SR

Follow the link to order:

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