Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dash of Wristlets

Enticing as it sounds; The Whatnots Shop has launched another of their fine collections named ‘Dash of Wristlets’. This range is all about vibrant bangle wear that currently one of most talked about fashion statement. Big and Bold bangles with Beads, Pom Pom laces, Ribbons, Buttons and other exciting embellishments are all a part of the assortment. Size and Cash would never be the things we would let you worry about, so with low rates and variety of sizes we have made this launch to be perfect.
This time our scope was not only to dress our ladies hands but we also have limited pieces for your charming littlies!
Then again, we never comprise of our quality and services and that is why the material used is pure!
Bangles are available in sets on 2, 4 and 6 where you mix and match the ideas and make your own beautiful editions.  The colors used in this collection, range from multi hues to darker tones, neon’s, pastels and neutrals.

Price Range is as follows:
Each set ranges from 10 SR – 25 SR depending on the materials and number of bangles.

Follow the link to order:

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