Sunday, September 30, 2012

Crochet Cases

Smart phones, broad screens that is the techno trend we have but everything gives way to Crochet!
Wrap them this winter with The Whatnots Shop’s ‘Crochet Cases’. Available in an array of color and styles for every phone available, these gorgeous treats are adorable and chic. Every case in this launch is comprised of two or more colors that have fine crochet knots and are layered with beads and charms. For some crochet flowers are also added over the top to add more yarn as you can never get enough of it!
These Crochet cases are not stopping only as your mobile phone pouches but by using the customization options you can get your spectacles, books, remotes and who knows even books in them. The best thing about our flourishing brand is that we are very choosey for what we design. For our customers we believe in quality and functionality and with every dawn we are trying to mark our levels at the top.

Price list is as follows:
Cell Phone Case with Zipper – 35 SR
Cell Phone Case – 20 SR
Cell Phone Pouch – 35 SR

Follow the link to order:

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